Time Traveler From 4,000 years in Future Stranded on Earth, Passes Lie Detector Test


Is James Oliver really a time traveler from the year 6,941, who’s stuck here because his time machine broke down, as he claims?

Or is he just a very, very strange man? Oliver, who claims to be a stranded time traveler, has ‘passed’ a lie detector test about his frankly bonkers claims about intergalactic civilizations and super-intelligent aliens. But we’re duty bound to note at this point that the test was administered by paranormal site ApexTV, so it may not be a neutral, scientific experiment.

In the video, where Oliver’s face is blurred out, he reveals tantalizing details about Earth’s future (although sadly, nothing specific like who’ll win the World Cup). Oliver predicts that global warming is going to get worse (ooh, pretty out-there ideas here) – and that the world will eventually be taken over by a United Nations-style organization.

He says that in the future, we’re ‘constantly’ finding aliens more intelligent than humans, so at least we can expect some decent conversation.

Oliver says, ‘We are constantly finding new planets and galaxies every day. Most of it is just nothing. ‘Sometimes you hit the jackpot and find intelligent life on it. You find new planets, new eco systems. ‘There are a lot of planets more intelligent than humans.’

Oliver claims that space is ruled by a ‘Federation’, which ensures peace – which sounds oddly familiar from Star Trek.

Oliver says, ‘’There have been some conflicts, but most of it has been put under control by the federation very quickly. ‘The federation is there as a peacekeeping vessel.’ ‘Your years are different to mine. Where I’m from, the years are longer.’

‘My planet is further away from the sun than yours is, so it takes longer to get around. ‘But we have gifted mathematicians who work to calculate our years from those from other civilizations.’


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