The World’s Fastest Luxury Super Civilian Tank: The Ripsaw EV2 (Luxury SUV)


This powerful looking military armored tank is called the Ripsaw EV2 (Extreme Vehicle 2) and it is a luxury super tank or rather, a unique luxury SUV manufactured by the European top Auto firm Howe and Howe Technologies.

The Ripsaw EV2 is simply the fastest, most mobile, most capable, and most intimidating dual tracked armored vehicles ever made.


Ripsaw taking the snow by storm


The Luxury Tank in action in the dry terrain of a desert


The World’s Fastest Luxury Super Civilian Tank: The  Ripsaw EV2 (Luxury SUV)

The Ripsaw arm of Howe and Howe Technologies specializes in the conversion of former military tanks into high-performance luxury armored vehicles. The gun and much of its military body armor are removed completely.

The  Ripsaw EV2 has advanced suspension tracks, with a huge engine that sit at the back, well positioned to give it an acceleration that more than equals that of most sports cars.

The World’s Fastest Luxury Super Civilian Tank: The  Ripsaw EV2 (Luxury SUV)

The basic package of this super vehicle is a four-ton, 18-foot long two-seater that features a cabin suspended in an exoskeleton of aerospace aluminum and pure high-grade steel.

Ripsaw uses a Duramax turbodiesel V8 engine from General Motors to put out 600 horsepowers. It 0-62 mph acceleration takes just 3.5 seconds making it a lot faster than a number of supercars.
The Ripsaw has a top speed is 80 mph which faster than what any battle tank can offer. Trust me, this is the best chance any millionaire has to visit a war zone without permission from any of the warring parties!

Ripsaw has fitted this luxury tank with more suspension travel than a super royal Range Rover, resulting in an incredibly smooth ride even over the most horrible terrain. As a result, this civilian tank is capable of racing across all terrains whether ice, snow, swamp or desert. It can do all this with ease and possesses the ability to climb mountain-like gradients of up to 75 percent.

The interior of the Ripsaw EV2 is equipped with luxuries such as air-conditioning, electrically adjustable seats of high-grade leather and a stereo. That doesn’t make it a serious rival to Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, mind you, but do remember that this is a tough road-going tank that weighs over four tons.

Each Ripsaw EV2 is custom-made by Howe and Howe Technologies and can take up to 6 to 8 months to fabricate. The cost of a single Ripsaw EV2 beings at about $400,000.

The World’s Fastest Luxury Super Civilian Tank:The  Ripsaw EV2 (Luxury SUV)


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