The newly launched Jayco Embark Luxury Recreation Vehicle by Thor Industries and Spartan Specialty Vehicles, though quite expensive, is a luxury mansion on wheels that could make you give up your real home for a life of wandering up and down on the roads of the world. 

Classified as a Class A Diesel motorhome by its makers, this is the point where luxury meters adventure. The Jayco Embarkis is powered by a powerful Cummins 360hp diesel engine. A raised rail Chassis gives the impression of being in an upstairs appartment.

The interior of the Jayco Embark features a 50 inch Flat-screen TV in the surprisingly spacious living room, a 32 inch flat-screen TV in the bedroom, a huge wardrobe to ensure you can take all your clothes with you, a refrigerator, microwave, a state of the art kitchen area, a fireplace (you won’t need firewood to run it, never fear), a sound bar, toilet, bathroom, washer, dryer and a thick foam king-size mattress set up just perfectly in the bedroom.





But that’s not all though, On the outside, these a 39 inch TV, LED lights and a patio. This for use when you’ve finally found a nice isolated spot in the middle of nowhere and wish to relax outside your home, we all do it in our normal homes, right?

This mansion on wheels is certainly better than a lot of houses and four-star hotels, after all, it can move while they cant!

The trouble here now is where to get the about $3 million to buy this mobile mansion keeping in mind that it can be destroyed in the blink of an eye by some crazy fellow behind the wheels of a heavy duty truck or SUV moving at top speed and a good old-fashioned mansion with all these state-of-the-art stuff can come as low as $2.

The New Jayco Embark RV: An $3 Luxury Mansion On Wheels 


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