How To Find Products On Amazon

how to find products on amazon

Amazon is the hugest store in the world and there one can buy about anything at reasonable prices. In an age where all things are getting computerized and the internet is king, Amazon is entirely accessible online and so most people refer to it as an online shopping center. Hence the question of how to find products on Amazon often arises and that is what we answer in this article.

Due to the different laws in the different geo-economic regions of the world, and to reach more customers too, Amazon has formed independent branches (or subsidiaries) for certain nations. For example, we have Amazon USA, the main Amazon company, and then there’s Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Amazon Denmark, Amazon India, Amazon Australia etc.

People in certain regions such as Africa where a dedicated Amazon platform does not exist are not left out in the buying frenzy. The only problem is that they have to buy their product mainly on Amazon USA, which is basically anyway, pay in dollars and have the items shipped directly to them.

Once you visit any Amazon site, finding whatever you need is rather easy given that all product categories are listed on the left side of the page with a bold search bar at the top.

In this post, we are mainly interested in how to find books or any other product on Amazon with pinpoint precision.

How to find products on Amazon

Entering the name of a book or product in the search bar on any Amazon website and hitting the search button is no guarantee you will find exactly what you are looking for. In fact, the opposite might be the case.

For example, searching for a book like ‘Genesis: Origin of Mankind’ will give you so many different results including genesis knife, genesis cosmetics of all kinds and household products. If you are smart enough to narrow down your search to the Kindle ebook category, chances are that you will find a hundred different books to search through for what you need, Amazon is really huge.

How to find products on Amazon with pinpoint accuracy in this huge store is what we wanna know, right? To do this, you must know the product’s ASIN number. No matter product be it a book, toolkit, movie, dress, shoes, jewelry, machine, etc, every one of them has a special ASIN number.

What is an ASIN number?

An ASIN number is a set of numbers by which an item can be tracked or located across differ3ent platforms.

As mentioned before Amazon is an online firm with different platforms serving across different nations and so issues it own unique ASIN numbers to all items put up for sale or published with the firm. Let’s take one of my books for example….

A Billionaire’s Ransom book 1…… ASIN: B075LT9H9T

The unique ASPN number of this book on Amazon is B075LT9H9T. To find this book on any Amazon platform worldwide, whether it’s Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon India or Amazon Japan, just visit the platform online and input the ASIN number into the search bar, hit search and there is your book. See the image below.

The Amazon site


Just enter the ASIN in the search bar and hit search





It’s all so easy, right? But do make sure you are registered and logged in to buy the book or whatever product you are looking for.


How To Find Products On Amazon



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