An Ace For Oscar | Part 4


Continued From Part 3

“A sucker? Where is Mr. Dada?”


“Gracious God!” I cried, all in a dither. “Anastasia, what have you done?”

“It’s nothing personal, Oscar. You’re just a pawn in this game. You see, Dada and I were lovers. No, let me start from the beginning. I’m not exactly Mr Oputa’s daughter; I was adopted by him when I was only seven. I never considered him my father but I decided to live with him because of his lovely wife. The woman was the greatest woman I had ever known. She made me feel so loved; she was a true mother to me. I loved her as much as she loved me. Then she died three years ago. Her death was the knife that severed my connection with the family. Since that moment of her death, I never wanted anything to do with Mr Oputa. I just dislike the man for no reason.

“To cut the story short, I met Dada, one of Mr Oputa’s employees, six months ago. He fell in love with me and we started having a secret affair. My supposed father didn’t even know Dada was one of his hundreds of employees in one of his companies. It took me a very short time to realise that Dada was interested in me because I was the Managing Director’s daughter. Two months ago, I told him that I had found a way to make us very wealthy. We needed a scape-goat to make us very rich. Then you came along with your false certificates. There was no better scape-goat to use.

“So we planned to blackmail you into participating in a well-planned kidnap. Everything was perfectly timed. I was never a student of University of Lagos. We planned everything. He had to handle me roughly to make it look real. So he slapped me and pushed me into the car. The idiot couldn’t even pull a straight face. He kept smiling as you drove us to the hide-out. He was making jest of you, not believing how silly you could be. It was really funny to him. I was trying to cry and he was there laughing.

“You know all that happened thereafter, except the calls to Mr Oputa. In your presence, Dada put the call on speaker and told Mr Oputa to get the ransom ready by Wednesday. What you didn’t know was that when Dada went out to get us dinner that evening he called Mr Oputa again and told him to get the money ready the next day—which was yesterday evening. But you didn’t know that. He went over to retrieve the money yesterday evening. Following my instructions, he replaced the initial bags with two other bags filled with newspapers, the zip of each bag was securely padlocked.

“He returned with the money in the booth of the car and our dear dinner in a fancy nylon bag. We had our dinner as usual. Now, it was in the middle of the night, when you were fast asleep, that he retrieved the money from the booth. The money was hidden under the bed in the room I occupied. Of course, you didn’t know anything, you didn’t even know that there was another human being under that bed. So, this morning, Dada placed a false call in your presence, speaking to an imaginary Mr Oputa. This time, he didn’t put the call on speaker, because he wasn’t making any call. You were sent on a fool’s errand.

“But there is one last thing you need to know. Before you and Dada kidnapped me, Dada and I had already kidnapped the daughter of another Managing Director. She was in the same room I occupied, but you couldn’t see her because she was hidden under the bed, and she was always injected with sleeping drugs. Now, when you were busy driving to pick the money that was never there, we brought out the girl—someone who shared my skin colour—and dressed her in my clothes, then we placed her faced-down on the bed. With a gloved hand, he picked up the gun he gave to you, loaded it with bullets and shot the girl on the back of the head.


“As soon as that was done, we hired another car, put the one hundred million naira in the booth and went to retrieve another ransom of a hundred million naira very close-by. Now, I’m two hundred million rich. All thanks to you and Dada. Oh, I haven’t finished. I’m afraid I’ve been stalling. You didn’t hear me drive into this compound in the other hired car. Now I’m driving out of this godforsaken place with the vehicle you drove in. The other car is now left with you. It contains the remains of Dada. I shot him with the same gun he used to kill that poor girl.

“I have a very terrible news for you, Mr Oscar DaSilva. You’re going to jail. I’ve tipped the police about the whereabouts of the Managing Director’s kidnapped daughter. I think they’ll reach your gate anytime soon. Goodbye, Oscar.” The call was terminated.

I rushed out of the house like someone whose clothes were on fire. Outside was the other car. I quickly sat behind the wheels. There was a key at the ignition. I turned it anxiously. Nothing. The police must not find me here. At the back-seat was the corpse of Mr Dada—a bullet hole on his forehead. I panicked and turned the ignition again. Still nothing. I quickly stepped out of the car and ran towards the gate. Down the road was a police car approaching with sirens blaring. And farther down was the back-view of the black car speeding away—the car that contained Anastasia and two hundred million naira.

The police car was very close now. The sirens blaring loudly. The sirens seemed to be speaking one word over and over. Kirikiri-Kirikiri-Kirikiri!




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