Nigerian Army Currently Running Down Protesting Citizens with Armored Trucks (Vidoe)


A video has surfaced online of more of the atrocities being committed by the Nigerian Army in the Eastern region of the country.
This crime against humanity which is being committed in line with the Army’s ‘OPERATION PYTON DANCE’ has the full backing of the commanders of the army and the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhamadu Buhari.
Trouble started two days ago following the army’s attempted inversion of the home of the leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra, Chief Nnamdi Kanu. This group is an international organization of peaceful agitators for the freedom of Igbo people.
That peaceful demonstration lasted until two days ago when the Nigerian Army  decided to undertake their Operation Python Dance in the Igboland and decided that the house of the IPOB leader was the venue for such an operation.
The Army arrived the said venue in two armored truck and three Helix packed with armed soldiers only to be faced with the unwelcome sight of a band of IPOB members forming a human shield in front of the gates to the compound of their leader.
According to reports and photos posted online, the armed soldiers shot a number of the unarmed citizens who still refused to bulge and this forced them to retreat.
Of course, the army lied about it via serval spokesmen form the rank of Colonel upwards but then that’s the Nigerian Army for you.
Nigeria is a country where the Hausa and Fulani tribes of the North dominate everything from the government to the military. And so, it goes to say that a host of government contracts and business go to them.

Watch the video

At the moment, the president and all the military’s chief of staff are Hausa/Fulani, all the riches oil tycoon, beneficiaries of oil wells in the south-east and south-south are Hausa/Fulani. The Army’s second official language is Hausa, why? Because 09% of the soldiers are Hausa and Fulani.
All the Igbos are asking for is an equal stake in government and this has earned them the hate of the dominant Hausa/Fulani tribes which dominates the government and military.
In the video can be seen exactly how much hatred these people of the north have for the Igbos and why the struggle for freedom by the Igbos are very necessary.
The oppression is all too real and it has been going on for decades. Chief Kanu mere gave voice to it and it looks like war is not too far away.

Now, what do you think? How many of you would even run down a mad dog like that?


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