Man Trampled Tod Death While Taking Selfie With Huge Elephant


A big male fool was trampled to death while taking a selfie with a huge elephant in one of India wildlife reserves.

This man, Ashok Bharti, 50, left his group of friends to approach the lone elephant for the selfie. The incident took place near Kuanrmunda, eastern Odisha, India.

This guy never got a chance at the selfie though. Yeah, he tried to take the photo, but the elephant charged and attacked him.

Talk about risky and stupid!

Watch the video

The whole thing was captured by his friends on video, all of whom were at a safe distance.

Mr. Ashck Bharti fell as he tried to run from the charging elephant, and the huge animal trampled him right into the ground.

An ambulance was called in quickly to the scene, but our dear fool, Mr. Bharti died on the way to the hospital.

This shocking incident, according to the news media of India, took place on on Saturday morning when forest rangers in the reserve were trying to herd up some elephants that had been separated from their herd. This particular elephant was scared and disorientated due to that seperation.


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