“I Love You, Son” –Words That Saved A Mom From Being Killed By Son

Tears could not be held back as a British court heard in an inquest how a mum told her fury blind son she loved him so as he repeatedly stabbed her right after killing his sister.
The whole story is more like the tale of a family relationship gone way south.
Mr. James, 36, fatally stabbed his sister Mrs. Anne-Marie James, 33, a mother-of-five kids, before turning on his mother who had come rushing into the room in response to his sister’s cries for help. Lynette James, 60, survived the knife attack to tell the story.
The inquest into the incident took place yesterday at a court in Oldbury, West Midlands.
A heartbroken Mrs. James told how she was about to take a shower when she heard her daughter’s cries for help.
The old lady claimed that her son was not himself: ‘His eyes were red, fixed and he was staring at me.
‘He plunged the knife into me, again and again. I said ‘I love you, son’.’
Those words to a son mad with rage, a boy she had had a sweet relationship with all her life, … those words saved her life.
Her son left her alone and Lynette managed to escape to the bathroom where she locked herself in and called 999.
Mrs. Lynette James also said her son was in a ‘strange mood’ the night before the incident but that he and his sister, who shared a close relationship together, had been ‘happy and laughing’ the previous weekend.

When armed policemen arrived, a knife-wielding, blood-stained Mr. James turned on them and they fled in fear.

A tracer bullet from fired by an officer hit Mr James, and he was eventually disarmed. It was then that the police discovered his ‘serious abdominal injuries’.
Mr. James had stabbed himself severally.
He died moments later.
A man who shared a wonderful relationship with his mom and sister, his family, suddenly turns to murder.

Hard drugs are the only answer here but the inquest is yet to get the coroner’s report on an autopsy.


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