12 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android Smartphones

The amazing improvements in smartphone camera technology have made photography a joyous and exciting affair for everyone. Taking photos with smartphones and sharing them with family and friends has become something we do almost on a daily basis hence, mobile photo editing tools and techniques have become so popular. We all want those little tricks and tweaks that allow us to make our photos look better and sharper than normal. Well, there are tons of photo editing apps that can do all that for you.

Yeah, go on to Google Play Store and do a search for photo editor apps and you’ll be stunned at the number of results you get, for this reason, we’ve put together a list of some of the best photo editing apps you can use on your Android phone. They will make photo editing so easy and pleasurable for you. Of course, if you want to do more serious and professional photo editing you’ll need a computer and more powerful photo editing software like Photoshop CS6, Gimp, and CorelDraw, 7 but for Android phones which will allow you share stunning photos to social site in a flash, these apps will do just fine.

Below are 12 of the best photo editing apps and they are all for Android

1. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom – Photo Editor

The Adobe photograph editing software for PC (photoshop) is one of the best and most advanced software of its kind. with the ability to alter the features and effects of a photo to unbelievable levels. Adobe Inc, makers of photoshop, have now come up with an amazing Android apps that enable people to alter photographs directly on their phone. The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for Android is a top photograph editing apps from Adobe and it carries a large number of these incredible features. With this apps, it is now possible to edit or create proficient level photographs. This app comes with an inbuilt camera to capture photographs with live effects, frames or filters. Want to include texts in the photographs? It is easy!

The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is definitely one of the best photograph altering apps for Android smartphones at the moment.

Availability: Free on Google Play Store.

2. Snapseed – Photo Editor

Snapseed, one of the most loved Android photo editing app on PlayStore, has a rating of 4.5. It’s got a free and paid version, however, the free version comes loaded down with a host of features to make photo editing enjoyable. This app can Crop a photo, enhance its colors and quality, tune it, and more. Just get the apps and see.

Availability: Free on Google Play Store

3. PhotoDirector – Photo Editor 

One of the best and most downloaded photo editing apps on Google Play Store is PhotoDirector. This photo altering app is the one you should go for if you have little or no knowledge of photograph editing.

You can alter existing photographs or make new fine art that looks proficient. There are quite a few features to be had in this photograph editing app but its ability to change RGB hues, white or HLS  balance is rather remarkable. You can likewise modify color tone, shine or Exposure using this app to improve any photograph. The app allows you apply live effects to any photograph so it looks like an expert level photograph. It also allows the removal of objects from photographs in the most simple manner.

Availability: free on Google Play Store

4. Instagram – Social Networking and Photo Editor


To many, this app requires no introduction. It’s an app that open the door to a whole new world of social networking where one shares photos with friends and family and so it’s packed with photo editing capabilities.

Availability: Free on Google Play

5. Pixlr Express – Photo Editor

pixlr express

Pixlr Express is class A apps made by the developers of Pixlr-o-Matic. It comes with a staggering 2 million (more than) combinations of free effects, borders, and overlays. This app offers multiple opinions to fix photos, darkening or lighting effects, and a swift share with family and friends.

Availability: Free on Google Play

6. Cymera-  Photo Editor and Camera 


This app is actually a camera with loads of photo editing features. It got an inbuilt camera that comes with a 7 lenses concept, multiple shooting modes and 20 different filters, overlays and borders. This unique app features college and several special effects, multiple editing options and even sharing options.

Availability: Free on Google Play

7. PicsArt- Photo Studio


This app is another with an inbuilt camera feature and tons of photo editing features. To be had here are plenty of photo effects such as text effect, frame, collage, border, overlays and much more. Interestingly, this app features an impressive number of artistic photo effects.

Have you got a tablet phone? The app is particularly optimized for it.

Availability: Free on Google Play

8. Pixlr-o-Matic


Pixlr-o-Matic is one of the best and most loved photo editing apps on the Android platform. It will help you edit your photos to your satisfaction. You may even select a photo from gallery and add effects and overlays, thanks to plenty of editing options, set contrast, lighting effects, exposure and a lot more.

Availability: Free on Google Play

9. PicSay- Photo Editor


All the basic photo editing features you can hope for are here.– text effects, color correction, distortion effects or even graphics. One can add effects through simple and easy steps without becoming thoroughly confused by so many different options.

Availability: Free on Google Play

10. Photo Editor by Aviary


Loads of quick and easy photo editing options are what we got here. There is superb one touch auto enhance, lots of photo effects, overlays and frames,  contrast and adjust color, text effects and amazing cosmetic tools such as red-eye removal are some of the things you get here.

Availability: Free on Google Play

11. Photoshop Touch for phone

The spectacular Photoshop touch comes with tons and tons of photo editing options both on mobile and tablet. Edit your photos with painting effects and filter brushes. The app is somewhat similar to the Photoshop CS6 on PC and so it does come with free cloud storage, all powered by Adobe. There’s plenty of photo editing options here and you can share the end result quickly with family and friends.

Availability: Paid on Google Play

12. Adobe Photoshop Express

photoshop express

Another free app by Adobe. This one is much simpler to use than the two mentioned above. Snap away at the object of your choice and then edit the photos, all on your mobile with just a few simple on-screen touches. Among the features of this apps are — one touch filters, color adjustments, auto fix and all sorts of basic image editing options. Once done, you have the opinions to share the photos directly to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Availability: Free on Google Play


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