Dog Wins Election In US Town As Mayor

Like I always say, wonders shall never end until the world ends but in this case, others would simply say, politics is now dog business and this is true for an American town in Kentucky.
Talk about crazy!
Residents of a town in the United States called Rabbit Hash have done the unbelievable by electing a dog, a Pitbull actually, as the town’s new mayor. And not for the first time too!
The friendly Pitbull, Brynneth Pawltro by name, is actually the fourth dog occupying this lofty position as the town’s Mayor.
Brynneth defeated three other key candidates to occupy this exalted position, a brown chicken, a fat donkey and a lovely little child.
All the town’s residents have come together in full of praise for their newly elected representative, though, a winner is a winner. Talk about fair play!
Some say Dog Brynneth won the election bemuse she’s got the best smile they’ve ever seen….wonder what lesson is in this for Mrs. Hilary Clinton.
However, there was a small minority that insisted on Dog Brynneth being impeached right away on grounds of ‘inappropriate licking’ …. of people, I guess.

The Idea Behind The Election

Dog Brynneth is not actually a real mayor, though. The town, Rabbit Hash, is not big enough to require or need an official representative of this kind.
However, the residents see fit to hold elections each year and the event is organized by the town’s historical society as a Fundraiser of sorts.
Apparently, this practice began in the late 1990s also as a means to raise funds. Every voter pays one dollar for his vote and this is one election in which you can vote as many times as you please.
All funds raised from this free and fair election go towards making structural improvements in the town.
This year, the aim is to repair the town’s central store after a huge fire destroyed it last year.
Well, with Brynneth now in office, many residents can’t wait for her to reveal her new policies such as affecting political issues as well as town taxes.
However, they have to wait till the mayor settles into office then see what power changes she makes. Who knows, they could get a duck for Sherriff!
Good or bad, the town has got the next four years to see how the wind blows.


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