Trump Flexes Superpower Muscles In Incredible Show Of Force Against North Korea


The US president, Donald Trump, seems to be a no-nonsense man and this he has proven by flexing his superpower muscles in the form of sending his war armada right into North Korea’s waters.

In an incredible show of superpower force, a large fleet comprising several US warships, including Aircraft carriers, arrived just off the eastern coast of North Korea in broad daylight yesterday and dropped anchor.

The official line is that the ships are there for a series of exercises with the Japanese navy and air force but no one in the know is buying the line even though the exercise has already begun.

The real reason for the presence of those ships there is North Korea’s incessant ballistic missile testing, which many believe is part of a bigger program aimed at targeting the Unites States.

The US war fleet will spend all of three days carrying out classified military operations in the much-troubled Sea of Japan. This will bring pressure on North Korea to stop its missile testing.

The Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force has already dispatched two ships, including a helicopter carrier, the Hyuga – one of four –  to join up the U.S aircraft carriers, the USS Carl Vinson and USS Ronald Reagan and their other eight escorting warships.

The Japanese military has already released a statement to this fact. They say that Japan’s Air Self-Defense Force F-15s will be taking part in simulated combat drills with the U.S. Navy’s more sophisticated F-18 fighters.

This sort of thing has never happened before, and against a trigger-happy nuclear power like North Korea too. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope that this doesn’t start a nuclear war!

That narrow body of water separating Japan and the Korean Peninsula is called the Sea of Japan. It has been a source of trouble between the two countries for centuries. Of recent, North Korea has been firing missiles into that region in the name of running tests.

The United States has now sent its warships right into the region following the surge of tension and fears that North was set to conduct its sixth nuclear test, incredibly, in a bid to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile (IBM) capable of striking the United States directly.
The odd thing is that while U.S President, Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe are now spitting fire, South Korea’s new liberal president, Moon Jae-in, who assumed office just last month, feels he can change the situation by dialogue. Something that has failed in the 50 years since the last Korean war split the Korea into two countries.
The last ballistic testing run by North Korea sent a missile to an altitude of 75 miles before it fell into the Sea of Japan – not in international waters, though, but right inside Japan’s exclusive economic zone, the very area it has complete jurisdiction over the exploitation and exploration of maritime resources.

That missile launch came after two other successful tests of medium-to-long-range ballistic missiles in two weeks.

Communist North Korea, a poor country that can hardly feed its citizens, definitely seems to be in a hurry to expand its nuclear powers and this can’t be good.

North Korea do already have the ability to strike anywhere in Japan with its missiles and this has raised concern in both Tokyo and Washington.


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